The ARIGNA SERIES of limited edition beers is named for the former coal mining area in our home county of Roscommon, where hardy men pried the black gold, chip by chip, from under the mountain. After centuries of tunneling and extraction, mining in Arigna finally ceased in 1990.

Arigna #1 (2015)

25 years on, this beer, the first in our ARIGNA SERIES, draws some influence from the Bieres de Garde of France’s coal mining Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. Darker and richer that a typical biere de garde, Arigna #1 is coloured with roasted barley to mimic the colour of the timber “pit props”, which prevented tunnel collapses, without which no man would have been safe underground. Irish and European malts combine to deliver a rich, full maltiness, tempered by our own unique, warming, spicy French and Belgian yeast blend, and an assertive noble hop bitterness. Unfiltered, all natural, bottle conditioned beer. Arigna #1 is low carbonated as a perfect meal accompaniment, or as a digestif, without the full bloated beer feeling. Drink out of whatever glass you fancy, just don’t drink it too cold, it needs to be tasted, savoured and enjoyed, 12-14*C ABV: 7.5%

Arigna 2016

26 years on, this beer, the second in our ARIGNA SERIES, draws some influence from our own “Sheep Stealer” Irish Farmhouse Ale, with a little Belgian Dubbel, a style developed in a monastic brewery that sits on top of Belgium’s Campine coal field, thrown in for good measure. Irish and European malts combine to deliver a warm, full maltiness, with notes of caramel and stone fruit, coupled with a rich spicy character from our unique, house blend Argina yeast. Unfiltered, all natural, bottle conditioned beer. Brewed as a Belgian style Dubbel, fermented as a Saison. In an open fermenter no less! But the saison funk and dry finish put this brew in a class of its own. Low carbonation from 100% bottle conditioning, for smooth easy drinking, despite its high ABV. Buy a case and cellar them, this one’s only going to get better with time. ABV : 8.3% IBU : 20

Arigna 2017

27 years on, the third beer in our annual Arigna series. Arigna 2017 is a saison first and foremost, 100% fermented, and bottle conditioned with our house saison yeast. The rich amber/copper colour, and rich malt character comes from a blend of Belgian specialty malts. A small but significant portion of spelt yields mouth feel, head retention and a unique layer of additional flavour. Serve at 10*C for the best experience. Pair it with rich winter stews, game meat, or try it with a slab of sticky fruit cake and a chunk of extra mature cheddar. ABV : 8% IBU : 30