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Beerista: The after-work pint – The Irish Times August 6th 2016

Beerista: The after-work pint

Having a beer after a long day, or week, is one of life’s simple pleasures. In Germany they even have a word for it – the “feierabendbier” is the beer you drink to celebrate when you get off work. It could be the only beer of the evening, or the one to kick off your weekend – either way, it marks an important juncture in the day, so make it a good one.

One of the original “working” beers is the Belgian Saison which farm hands or “saisonnaires” would drink after working the fields during harvest time. You’ll find plenty of versions of this farmhouse style on the shelves these days, which is generally dry, fruity, highly carbonated and with a light body. Roscommon brewery Black Donkey does a tasty Irish saison called Sheep Stealer