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Donkey’s are known as stubborn animals. It is said “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”, it might also be said that you can’t lead a donkey to water, unless it wants to be led. Ironically, having already embarked on this business development journey, and having already given this venture a name, we have discovered that it takes a donkey like stubbornness to establish a brewery and build a craft beer brand in the current business and economic climate.

Who, you might ask, are the stubborn individuals doggedly (shouldn’t that be “donkedly”) pushing this donkey forwards? Here is a brief video featuring them both, one behind the camera, and one in the viewfinder.

With work backgrounds as diverse as “lumberjacking” (Richard, not Michaela) and IT systems management (this one’s all Michaela), and not forgetting stints in finance, filmmaking, costume design and much more, we are bringing a very diverse and global perspective to the development of Black Donkey Brewing. Our former careers have taken us from Ireland to the USA, Australia, Switzerland and even Mongolia, and many places in between, leaving us with a keen thirst for new experiences and flavours of all kinds, a thirst which we will share with you through Black Donkey’s range of hand crafted ales.

Thanks for reading and watching, Richard & Michaela.157