Style : Amber Ale

ABV : 4.8%

IBU : 24

Yeast : US05

Hops : Magnum, Cascade

Malts : Pale, Biscuit, Rye, Special B

Food Pairings : bold spicy foods, including Asian, Cajun and Mexican, along with a wide range of “pub grub” including fish and chips, spicy wings and nachos.


Visual: Rich amber, big off white head

Aroma: Toasty biscuit malts, raisins, resinous hops

Flavour: A smooth, malty award winner, with a pronounced but refined hop bitterness. Layers of malt derived toffee and caramel pair perfectly with the citrus bitterness from the late hop additions. Well aged examples (1 year +) begin to exhibt chocolate notes.

Mouth Feel: Smooth, dry, lively carbonation

Body: Medium


What is this beer? An American amber? Maybe a little. An Irish red ? Probably not. A Belgian Dubbel? Not really. At Black Donkey Brewing, we don’t follow models, we buck trends. We brew what we want and what we hope you want too.

Not true to any particular style, “Buck It” is a style bucking amber, with a blend of Irish, Belgian and German malts and USA hops, all in one glass. Warm and malty with a clean, restrained bitterness, Buck It is a satisfying malt forward beer. Unwilling to be pigeon holed by the style authorities, “Buck It” is just a nice buckin’ beer.

Unfiltered, all natural, bottle and keg conditioned beer.