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European Beer Bloggers Conference 2014

Voted Craft Beer of the Week by lovindublin.com

This is Sheep Stealer by Black Donkey Brewing. Black Donkey is located in Roscommon and owned by Michaela Dillon and Richard Siberry, who have some of the most interesting biographies I’ve ever come across. It was fascinating talking to Richard at EBBC about all the different jobs they’ve worked in and countries they’ve lived in. After being homebrewers in New York City, they returned to their native Ireland and set up Black Donkey brewery. Sheep Stealer is their first beer and it’s an Irish Farmhouse Ale. It’s similar in style to the Franciscan Well Saison and the Wit Woo from Rascal’s, a kind of cross between a saison and a wit beer.  It tastes absolutely delish with notes of lemons and apricots and a lovely tartness and zing. Extremely refreshing and perfect for the summer. This was my favourite new Irish craft beer I tried at EBBC and it’s of a very high standard, especially for a debut beer! I can’t wait to see what Michaela and Richard will follow this up with. By the way, if you like the label on the bottle as much as I do, it’s based on an original painting by Roscommon artist Andrew Dillon. Check out his work here, I think his paintings are fantastic!  http://lovindublin.com/feature/craft-beer-week-highlights-european-beer-bloggers-conference-part-1/

S Finney@irishfinney :     Great new brewery @BlackDonkeyBeer showcasing their Sheep Stealer – a tasty saison! #EBBC14 pic.twitter.com/aLUN1v5vcJ

BeoirFinder@BeoirFinder :    Great labelling from @BlackDonkeyBeer pic.twitter.com/ngmVovv69j

@CiaranMcMonagle @BruBrewery haven’t tried it yet, but I did have @BlackDonkeyBeer‘s saison today and it was revelationary.

Craig Heap@CraigHeap :Best swag goes to @BlackDonkeyBeer for their USB stick bottle opener #EBBC14 pic.twitter.com/ZKjo8aeZva

Dean Clarke@BeerPadawan :@BlackDonkeyBeer @irishbeersnob Incredible artwork those. I want to see them come alive. Brilliant!