Style : Pale Ale

ABV : 4.6%

IBU : 24

Yeast : Saison

Hops : Perle, Savjinski, Mosaic, Wai-Iti

Malts : Pale, Cara, Melano

Food Pairings : crisp zesty salads, fresh cheeses, fish, shellfish, grilled chicken and pizza. Lighter, spicy foods like Thai and Vietnamese too.


Visual: Hazy bright gold

Aroma: Citrus, mangoes, apricots, Belgian yeast

Flavour: Luscious, juicy fruit, apricots, mangoes, citrus zest, with a solid malt backbone. Fermented with our house saison yeast for a crisp cry finish, a hint of wildness.

Mouth Feel: Light,effervescent, dry, crisp

Body: Light


When a rare blue sky appears over Ireland, even if you’re out, labouring in the fields, you’re sure to be “Happy Out”.

When that fleeting blue sky has buggered off to Portugal, seemingly along with half of the country, we’ve managed to bottle some for year ‘round consumption, so you can be “Happy Out” when, and wherever the mood takes you. Whether it’s a grand day for drying, or even if it looks like rain….Ted.

Brewed to combat the desiccating effects of Ireland’s legendary summer sun. Scythe is as refreshing, as only a great pale ale can be, with a twist.  Making a beer this drinkable, this sessionable with this much flavor required us to delve into our bag of tricks and put our farmhouse yeast strain to work. What began as a project to brew the ultimate “lawnmower beer” evolved to become Happy Out.

Unfiltered, all natural, bottle and keg conditioned beer.