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Buck It

Buck It 2

Buck ItWhat is this beer? An American amber? Maybe a little. An Irish red? Probably not. A Belgian dubbel? Not really. At Black Donkey we don’t follow models, we buck trends. We brew what we want, and what we hope you want too. This beer borrows from all thee of the above styles, but it isn’t faithful to any one of them. It’s just a nice buckin’ beer is what it is. A unique blend of Irish base malt, Belgian specialty malts and American hops and yeast, Buck It traces our origins, and influences, definitely not a hop bomb, this one’s a malt bomb.




ABV : 4.8%

IBUs :  30

Malt :  Pale,Biscuit, Rye,

Hops : Special B Hops Magnum, Cascade

Serve 8-10℃

Bottle Conditioned

Unfiltered, unpasteurised, all natural.







First reviews are in ……

PJR @Frothwithdesire

Had a sneak taster of @BlackDonkeyBeer new pilot Amber today. It’s not gonna last long. Tasty. Sweet biscuit nose with some nice bitterness!

Patrick @Paddy25cPatrick
@BlackDonkeyBeer loving your pilot amber ale

140Revs @140RevsDub
Best thing @57theheadline is the beer, however. Tonight, the warming, cuddletastic, small batch amber ale from @BlackDonkeyBeer Moreish!