Style : IPA – American

ABV : 5%

IBU : 53

Yeast :

Hops :

Malts :

Calories :

Food Pairings : Thai, Vietnamese, Tex-Mex, Cajun. Great with a loaded burger or grilled salmon and tuna steaks. Pairs well with other bold savoury flavours.

TASTING NOTES: Visual: Copper, white head Aroma: Resinous hops, citrus, malt Flavour: . Classic American “C” hops lead the charge with a combination of resin and citrus flavours, rounded by a mellow, smooth, amber and crystal malts. Unfiltered, all natural bottle conditioned beers. Pairs well with other bold savoury flavours. It’s all about the hops in this classic American style IPA, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about the malt. Fresh flavours of pine and citrus zest mingle with a subtle malt sweetness from a unique specialty malt. A crisp clean bitterness and a lively carbonation leave you primed for the next sip. Mouth Feel: Smooth, medium carbonation, dry.

Body: Medium


TKO “IPA”, a technical knockout of a beer. A pure and straightforward IPA. Sometimes when the ref’s back is turned, the heavyweights may try and slip one past the judges. Just ‘cause it says craft on the label doesn’t make it craft. Make sure that when you fork over some of your hard earned, you know what you’re getting, and where it comes from. You can come to the ring in a pair of clogs, but you’ll never float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, you may just end up in the corner plucking your harp, Sucker punches will not be tolerated.

Unfiltered, all natural, bottle and keg conditioned beer.