Unhinged Series

March 12, 2018
March 12, 2018 admin

Become Unhinged with us as we continue to add new beers in our exclusive, one of a kind ‘Unhinged Series’. Each batch of Unhinged is a one off unique offering, keg only, pouring in your favourite craft pub. The current line up in the series are :
Bogfire 6%
The first release from our “Unhinged” series, Bog Fire is a Rye Saison with a pinch of turf smoked Irish malt. Dry and spicy with a hint of malt sweetness followed up by a subtle whiff of turf smoke. 29 kegs were released around the country last summer, the first poured at Hagstravaganza.
Pablo’s Potion 5.2%
The second release in our “Unhinged” series. Pablo’s Potion is a Coffee & Cream IPA. It’s an IPA first, light malts and lots of citrusy American and New Zealand hops. The addition of Lactose leaves a residual sweetness, and a smooth rounded mouthfeel, which perfectly complements the Columbian and Kenyan coffees added during whirlpool and maturation. 28 kegs only, released 01/2018.
Double Barrel 10%
  Released in June 2019. Double Barrel is an Irish WWhiskey barrel conditioned rye ale. Almost a year in the making, it’s big, rich, spicy, with more than a faint whiskey undertone. Oak, vanilla, coconut and citrus, deliciousness. Loaded with character. Only 5 kegs, the rest bottled.

Stay tuned for our next range of one off, bottle only ‘Brewhouse Reserve’ beers. Releasing our special, limited edition brews on draught is fine, if you live within walking distance of one of Irelands craft beer bars. But there is still not enough of these fine establishments. So, to ensure you can enjoy good beer wherever you are, and if you look for variety our Brewhouse reserve range will fulfill those needs.