Black Donkey Brewing

 Brewing without boundaries since 2014


Black Donkey Brewing

 Brewing without boundaries since 2014

The Black Donkey Difference

At Black Donkey Brewing we value technique over technology. We brew traditional beers in our traditional, hands-on brewhouse. All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and bottle and keg conditioned.

Malt mashing Tool

Malt Mashing

The finest Irish and European malts
are “mashed” in hot water to extract and convert their sugars.

Boiling Kettle


The extracted sugary “wort” is boiled,
hops are added to provide bitterness, flavour and aroma.

Fermentation Vessel

Fermentation Magic

Yeast wizardry converts the sugars into alcohol, CO2 and even more great flavours and aromas.

Packaging Vessel


State of the art packaging ensures that our beer arrives with you just the way we intended it to.

Buy Our Beer

Black Donkey Brewing boasts the only licensed brewery shop in the west of Ireland. Buy your beer, and more, fresh from the source.

Stock Our Beer

If you are a beer reseller and would like to stock Black Donkey’s unique craft beers in your establishment, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Email: info@blackdonkeybeer.com

Tel: (094) 964 0698

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