Bog Fire


Barrel Conditioned Smoked Wild Saison




Smoked Gold




Bog Fire ’23 is new take on one of our original unhinged ideas. This unique taste of Ireland was brewed in 2019 with a portion of turf smoked malt. It was then fermented with our wild, native house yeast, Morrigan 1. A leisurely 3+ years in an ex-Irish whiskey barrel brought all the flavours together, and then some! Bog Fire was bottled in late 2022 ready for a spring ’23 release. Limited to approx 600 bottles, we didn’t want to see this one go, we wanted to keep it for ourselves!

Food Pairing

Uniquely among our many and varied brews, this one may be at its best when simply enjoyed on its own, and not too cold.

If we were to pair it, a crispy potato rösti, topped with a slice (or two) of a nutty alpine style cheese would be a winner. It would be right at home with most mature hard cheeses, cheddar, gouda, comté etc.

Why not compare and contrast a bottle of Bog Fire with one of its barrel aged stable mates like Phraseology or  Sergeant Jimmy?


375ml bottles.


Limited edition single barrel release