Yes Marm


Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Orange Marmalade




Hazy Orange




Sour & Bitter, no we’re not talking about your ex, we’re talking “Yes Marm”, Release 3 of 4 in our 2023 single barrel series.
Yes Marm is a blend of saisons, aged up to 2 1/2 years in oak barrels. Initially fermented with our Morrigan house yeast, the barrel bugs took over after transfer. Inspired by his love of bitter, chunky Seville Orange marmalade, Richard added about 5Kgs of his own homemade secret recipe to the barrel prior to bottling. The result is a crisply sour beer with a lingering citrus bitterness. A lively effervescence dances on the tongue, and is followed up by a faint “bready” sweetness. It’s like a sourdough and marmalade sandwich in a bottle. We’re sure Paddington would approve.

Food Pairing

Crisp sourness with a citrus bitterness and a light bready sweetness. Effervescent and refreshing. Serve cold, from the fridge.

Pairs with strong cheeses, Crozier and Cashel blue, St Tola and Ardsallagh Goat.

Why not compare and contrast a bottle of Yes Marm with one of its barrel aged stable mates like Phraseology or  Bog Fire?


375ml bottles.


Limited edition single barrel release