Big Brilliant Beer Box




The Big Brilliant Beer Box is a one stop gift option for the most discerning beer consumer on your list, even if that’s yourself. This Irish Beer Gift Pack is suitable for every occasion from Birthdays to BBq’s, Parties to Anniversaries.

Our carefully selected Irish Beer Gift Pack contains;

  • 11 x 500ml bottles of Irish Craft Beer from across our entire range, incl. Underworld, Sgt Jimmy (Sold out until later this year) and a selection from our core range.
  • 1 Gildan Premium 100% cotton t-shirt, printed front and rear, right here in Ireland.
  • 1 “Aspen” pint glass, custom printed with the Black Donkey logo.

A selection of Irish craft beers including a mix of 5 bottles from our core range, our 3 unique Underworld native Irish beers, and 3 bottles of  barrel aged Sergeant Jimmy (Sergeant Jimmy is sold out until later in the year).

A Gildan Premium 100% cotton t-shirt.  We wear these very same t-shirts here in the brewery almost every day, they’ve practically become our unofficial uniform. After a year in a craft brewery, a year of digging out the mash tun, dragging hoses and scrubbing stainless, they may not look as pretty as the day they came out of the box, but they’re still holding tough, and flying our flag.

With this unique Irish Beer Gift Pack, not only can you drink the beer while appropriately dressed in the same t-shirts the brewers wear, you can also enjoy it from the same glass used in the brewery, and in our draught outlets around the country and beyond. It’s a compete package, made by us, especially for you.

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Handmade, real Irish Beer from Roscommon.

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