Underworld 3 x 500ml + Glass Craft Beer Gift Pack


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Underworld craft beer gift pack: contains 3, 500ml bottles, 1 each of Underworld Savage, Underworld Rua & Underworld Allta, native Irish ales + 1 Black Donkey branded pint glass.

A perfect and unique gift for the seasoned beer aficionado, or the absolute beginner who wants to start with some of the best, most unique beers Ireland has to offer. It’s equally perfect for keeping all for your self too!


The Underworld range of beers in this craft beer gift pack are all fermented exclusively with Morrigan 1. This is a wild native yeast exclusive to Black Donkey harvested from Oweynagat cave, a stones throw from the brewery.

Savage (5.6% – Saison, dry, fruity, citrus, spice)
Allta ( 4.6% – Pale Ale, hoppy, malty, crisp)
Rua (5.0% – Native Amber Ale malty, fruity, toffee, toast.)


Handmade, real Irish Beer from Roscommon.

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