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Is It Beer Weather?

Is It Beer Weather? “Is it beer o’clock yet” is often heard, but what about “Is it Beer Weather”? We’ve made our morning commute thousands of times. On roads with which we are all too familiar. This dark and wet morning though, the amount of debris, branches and water strewn across our well worn route…

Round bales with sheep stealer farmhouse ale

Cold beer doesn’t mean good beer

Ice Cream & Beer?? Do you like ice cream? You probably do. Ice cream is one of the world’s most popular sweet treats, but it’s typically over loaded with sugar and other flavours. This overloading is to compensate for the freezing effect it has on your taste buds. Cold foods and drinks numb your taste…

Maisels Weisse

Never forget your first

Our founder and head brewer, Richard, recounts his beer origin story. My first adventure in beer-land happened in the summer of 1985. I had just left school, and I was working on a forestry estate in rural Alsace. I managed hitch a ride to Strasbourg one weekend to try and catch a glimpse of the Tour de France.