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Sheep Stealer

Sheep Stealer S

 Sheep StealerA  traditionally brewed Saison, Sheep Stealer is dry, crisp and refreshing, with a complex aroma and flavour.

Pours a cloudy golden orange, with a big pilowy white head, which slowly deflates to a lingering lace. A full aroma of spice, malt sweetness and a certain unmistakable earthy Saison “funk” first greet the nose. Aromas of citrus fruit and summer flowers, from the late English Noble Hop additions, further excite the palate.

A sharp tartness is counterbalanced by a lingering malt sweetness, and a lively tongue tingling carbonation. Notes of stone fruit, citrus, and black pepper compliment each other as a subtle hop bitterness, and a distinct yeast derived spiciness round out the Sheep Stealer experience.

Pairs beautifully with all manner of dishes, from tangy dressed salads and ripe cheeses, to grilled roasted and stewed meats. Hearty roasted root vegetables will also shine in Sheep Stealer’s company. Bring it to the barbecue or to a sophisticated formal dinner, or simply enjoy it with great company or an inspiring view.


ABV :      5.6%

IBU’s :     16

Malt :      Pilsner, Wheat, Munich

Hops :     Styrian Goldings, EKG

Serve Temp 8-12℃

Bottle Conditioned

Unfiltered, Unpasteurised, All Natural