Arigna Series

October 16, 2018
October 16, 2018 Michaela Dillion

Arigna 2017
Spelt Saison
The third beer in our annual Arigna series. Arigna 2017 is a Saison first and foremost, 100% fermented, and bottle conditioned with our house Saison yeast. The rich amber/copper colour, and rich malt character comes from a blend of Belgian specialty malts. A small but significant portion of spelt yields mouth feel, head retention and a unique layer of additional flavour. Serve at 10*C for the best experience. Pair it with rich winter stews, game meat, or try it with a slab of sticky fruit cake and a chunk of extra mature cheddar.

Arigna 2016
Dark Saison
The second in the Arigna series, “Arigna 2016” was a curious beast. Brewed as a Belgian style Dubbel, fermented as a Saison. In an open fermenter no less! Rich and malty, caramel, stone fruits, a little biscuit up front say Dubbel. But the Saison funk and dry finish put this brew in a class of its own. Low carbonation from 100% bottle conditioning, for smooth easy drinking, despite its high ABV. Buy a case and cellar them, this one’s only going to get better with time

Arigna #1
Bière de Garde
The first beer in the Arigna Series, Arigna #1 was based on a French Biere de Garde. Maltier, darker and richer than a traditional Biere de Garde, we took license, but were originally inspired by an old French recipe. Malt forward, and brewed with a unique blend of French and Belgian yeasts, Arigna #1 is low carbonated as a perfect meal accompaniment, or as a digestif, without the full bloated beer feeling. Drink out of whatever glass you fancy, just don’t drink it too cold, it needs to be tasted, savoured and enjoyed, 12-14*C