Big Birthday Box


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To celebrate our 7th birthday on 13/08/21 we put together a very special Birthday Beer Box, containing containing a mix of beers from both our Underworld and Core ranges. The birthday may be in the rearview mirror now, but that’s no reason for the party to stop! This selection has proven so popular, we’re going to leave it right here and keep it available for whenever you feel the need to party.

The box of 12, 500ml bottles includes the three brand new brews from the Underworld range, Savage, Allta and Rua, plus a mix of favourites from our core range.

The box contains:
• Underworld Savage, 5.6%, 500ml bottle x 2
• Underworld Allta, 4.6%, 500ml bottle x 2
• Underworld Rua, 6.0%, 500ml bottle x 2
• And a selection of
• Sheep Stealer, 5.6%, 500ml bottle
• Buck It, 4.8%, 500ml bottle
• TKO IPA, 5.0%, 500ml bottle
• Western Warrior, 4.2%, 500ml bottle